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Shah Abbasi Carpet Design

Shah Abbasi Carpet Design, Persian carpet

Shah Abbasi is the name of the main flowers in Iranian traditional design. Since the great Shah Abbas, one of the emperors and kings of Safavid era was known traditional Iranian designing and carpet weaving himself, this flower attributed to him. The origin of this plant motif came back to pomegranate flower and the Mithraism believes too. In another words it is a kind of sacred flower which the roots of it can be searched in millenniums before of Iran history. Using this element is common in Kashan, Isfahan, and Mashhad and Nain carpets weaving and also in carpets that copy the Persian style such as India, China and Pakistan. Shah Abbasi is one of the original and basic Iranian carpet designs. The medallion or central part of this pattern has a main role here in a way that captures the eyes. It is dominant motif and all four corners designate to it directly. The medallion divided to four same pieces and each of the same quarter will be filled each corner of the field. To the subgroups of the main design such names as Afshan, quarter medallion, arboreal, animal, Sheikh Safi, etc. are attributed.

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Persian Kashan Carpet 009

code: MGT-Ka-009
status: Available

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Persian Kashan Carpet 011

code: MGT-Ka-011
status: Available

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Persian Kashan Carpet 019

code: MGT-Ka-019
status: Available

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Persian Kashan Carpet 025

code: MGT-Ka-025
status: Available

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Persian Kashan Carpet 027

code: MGT-Ka-027
status: Available

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Persian Kashan Carpet 029

code: MGT-Ka-029
status: Available

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Persian Kashan Carpet 031

code: MGT-Ka-031
status: Available

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Persian Kashan Carpet 033

code: MGT-Ka-033
status: Available

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Persian Kashan Carpet 034

code: MGT-Ka-034
status: Available

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Persian Kashan Carpet 036

code: MGT-Ka-036
status: Available

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Persian Kashan Carpet 037

code: MGT-Ka-037
status: Available

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Persian Kashan Carpet 038

code: MGT-Ka-038
status: Available

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Persian Kashan Carpet 039

code: MGT-Ka-039
status: Available

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Persian Kashan Carpet 040

code: MGT-Ka-040
status: Available

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Persian Qom Carpet 001

code: MGT-Qo-001
status: Available

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Persian Qom Carpet 003

code: MGT-Qo-003
status: Available

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Persian Qom Carpet 006

code: MGT-Q-006
status: Available

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Persian Kerman Carpet 003

code: MGT-Ke-003
status: Available

Persian Carpet from Iran

Persian Kashan Carpet 003

code: MGT-Ka-003
status: Available

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