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Carpet Designs

There are a number of patterns which are found in Persian and Oriental rugs called 'motifs'. Persian Carpets is woven by nomadic tribes from ancient time in Persia (Iran). Carpet’s motifs and colors can determine the particular tribe or place of origin. Mostly, Persian rugs are distinguished by having a large central medallions. The amazing point that if two carpets have the same design, no two medallions are exactly the same.  Some experts believe that the medallion designs stems from the very religious nature of the weavers and that their inspiration probably came from the artwork and patterns of domes of the mosques. By learning the meanings of Persian rug patterns, you will understand what the weaver tells us. The names of Persian rug patterns are derived from the city, village, or tribe where particular patterns were first woven or traded. Some of the more common motifs are: Shah Abbasi, Spiral, Vase, Boteh, Herati, Tree, Bandi, Mehrabi, Stripped and Afshan.

Each color, used in carpet has a special meaning. As an examples:


Wealth, Luck, Faith, Joy, Beauty, Romance


Solitude, Peace, integrity


The holy color, nature, freshness, growth, Spring


Usually found in outline to make a contrast, Mystery, Power


Piety, Humility


The Sun, Joy of Life, Warmth,


Power, Wealth, Noblesse


Simplicity, Purity, Hope




Interconnected (Bandi)

A small piece of design is repeated and connected throughout the carpet. This design can be Trees, flowers, geometrical shapes and even paisley items.

All-Over (Afshan)

All parts of the pattern are interconnected. There is no medallion at the center of this pattern. The simplicity of this design is so attractive.

Shah Abbasi

A special flower, known as Shah Abbassi, set-off by other floral Persian rug patterns and leaves.


Intertwined Fish (Herati) pattern is a favorite design for Tabriz’s weavers. This pattern was firstly woven in Herat city that is why it is called Herati.


A pattern full of natural trees. Animal design is one of the sub categories with animals that are resting under tree. Another famous design is hunting ground which riders are hunting wild animals.


These have been the most ancient and the most original designs used in weaving Persian carpets and are creations of the mind of local carpet weavers.

Boteh (Paisley)

Paisley or Boteh are Feather-shaped figures.Translate of Boteh from Persian to English is Bush. Paisley is a common pattern in carpets as well as clothes and textiles.


This pattern contain a single large vase with flowers. Sometimes two birds are sitting on both sides of this vase.

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